he/him • gay 🏳️‍🌈 • also known as Taw

🔸 Certified Fruit Bat 🔸 Twitch Partner 🔸 vTuber

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I'm a small bat, but a huge nerd. I'm a variety streamer that plays puzzle, adventure, horror, and indie games.

I build a lot of interactive channel point redeems, such as a virtual treat system and a baseball throwing minigame to knock me off the ceiling.

I previously worked in games dev primarily in level design and environments. I also previously co-founded an art site and worked on several indie game projects.

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Featured on the frontpage of Twitch in June

2022 Charity Amounts Raised: $9,261.38 USD

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  • Q: "How do you do X channel point redeem?"
    A: SAMMI for almost all of them! It only works with OBS Studio, not Streamlabs OBS. You can find more info on SAMMI by clicking here. I also have some tutorials on my YouTube channel!
  • Q: "Why are you on the ceiling?"
    A: I'm a bat! We hang from the ceiling! Come hang out with me!
  • Q: "Why do apples hurt you in your treat system?"
    A: I'm a fruit bat, but I'm allergic to apples, ironically.
  • Q: "What's your favourite fruit?"
    A: 🍓🍓🍓🍓
  • Q: "Can I draw your character?"
    A: Sure thing! You can find my character's ref sheet by clicking here.